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We ... there'll be no new works for a long time ( 2/14 ~ 5/21 ), sorry everyone......
Perhaps ... this is a long time, you can watch the previous works, or attention about the works of other deviants.
As for the previous comment tasks, there will be a chance, because I really want to share the works to you.
Thanks for your support, that's all.
Peace out and happy Valentine's Day

Thanks :
It seems a pity that we seem to have not achieved our goal......
We just received 2 comments, but we need 4 comments to do! Isn't less what? Another 2 comments!
Thanks for your support!

I decided to make another Mine-imator pictures, which are about a girl who comes from a game called "Fire Emblem Awakening", her name is "Lucina", gets kidnapped.

But this time, perhaps I'll make them look different.

If you want me do my best, please leave a comment below, I need 4 comments to do this!
1. When Lucina got kidnapped, another girl, Star, had tied and gagged there again......
2. I recently discovered that there is a girl missing in our community, I think that she either traveled abroad or got kidnapped again......
Enjoy the series "Kidnapped Steps"?
There is no "the end" yet.
[ Practice Sentences......]

1. The girl who be tied up with a cleave gag looks lovely~~
2. I like the girl who has been tied up with a cleave gag.
3. Cleave gag with OTM gag can make girls more silent, can't they?

[ Didnapper x Cytunity Preview ]

1. Scirocco (Theme for DIDnapper) by napdog
2. TheNightBefore (SukiVariation)
3. Cherisa's Theme
4. Hideout_2